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Dining like God in Greece!

We offer you daily fresh Greek signature dishes in a great and relaxing environment by the sea! Here just a small selection of our dishes:

  • Sweet Saganaki | Fried feta cheese in filo pastry topped with Kalymnian honey
  • Dolmades | homemade stuffed vine leaves with minced meat, onion, tomato, rice and fresh Telendian herbs
  • Tzatziki | of course daily fresh dip of Greek yoghurt, cucumber and garlic
  • Octopus | fresh from our own fisherman boiled in vinaigrette or grilled
  • Souvlaki | Chunks of pork or chicken served in a pita, with Tzatziki and salad
  • Moussaka | fresh aubergines baked with potatoes, minced meat in a tasty b├ęchamel sauce
  • Fish | Daily fresh fishes from our fisherman, grilled, backed, boiled and seasoned to taste with fresh herbs

And if you fancy any kind of liquid refreshment don’t hesitate to test our extensive cocktail and Greek beer menue! What better can there be after a day of climbing than an ice cold Mythos or Amstel next to the ocean?


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